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Clean-up your community with a £200 grant

18 Jul 2014 - 09:33 by michelle.foster

Manchester City Council are offering grants of up to £200 to help clean-up areas across Manchester.

Grants are available to help you to run regular clean-ups and, or greening events in the area in which you live. Please note grants will only be awarded for clean-up projects taking place within the Manchester boundaries.

Discuss with your neighbours or group what event or activity you would like to do, and get quotes or costings for anything you might need.

Grants can be for tools, equipment, materials and any other reasonable costs for carrying out a clean-up project.

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The Veolia Environmental Trust grants – 2014 deadlines

18 Jul 2014 - 09:31 by michelle.foster

The Veolia Environmental Trust are committed to supporting community and environmental projects across the UK. These include improving community halls, creating new play areas and skate parks, and restoring green spaces. Projects must restore derelict land, prevent pollution, provide public amenities or encourage biodiversity.

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15 Jul 2014 - 13:30 by cheryl.mcalister

BikeRight! are based in Openshaw and deliver cycle training from funding from Manchester Public Health and Manchester City Council. Anyone that wants to learn to ride, improve their riding or commute to work on major roads can have cycle training provided they live in Manchester City council boundaries, or work for the council or NHS.

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A Civil Economy for Manchester

6 May 2014 - 10:32 by Mike Wild

Could Manchester be Europe’s answer to America’s hippest city - Portland, Oregon?

Manchester has enjoyed solid economic success, there is now an opportunity for a ‘new wave’ to Manchester’s future. A new report A Civil Economy for Manchester, prepared for Macc by the think-do tank the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) demonstrates how this new wave is about unleashing the power of citizens, social and voluntary group.

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National Vegetarian Week Challenge 19-25 May 2014

6 Mar 2014 - 11:01 by michelle.foster

The Vegetarian Society are daring the public to go meat-free for National Vegetarian Week 2014, which takes place on 19-25 May by either challenging themselves, or, if they’re already vegetarian or vegan, challenging their friends, family and colleagues.

Those who sign up will receive a newsletter each day of NVW, featuring a delicious recipe and some handy tips for making the most of the Week.

Vegetarian food is fun, tasty and seriously varied, and there’s never been a better time to give it a go.

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The Challenge for Manchester

27 Jan 2014 - 15:12 by Mike Wild

Before Christmas, Mike Wild (Chief Executive of Macc) and Nigel Rose (Macc’s Strategic Lead on Commissioning) met with Geoff Little (Deputy Chief Executive of Manchester City Council) and Carol Culley (Assistant Chief Executive, Finance and Performance).  We wanted to discuss the impact not just of the next wave of public sector cuts but the prolonged effects of recession. We also wanted to explore the Council’s views on how the voluntary and community sector can rise to meet the challenges faced by the communities in Manchester.

The Orchard Windfalls Fund 2014

23 Jan 2014 - 10:25 by michelle.foster

The Tree Council has funds available to assist schools and community groups proposing to undertake well-planned orchard planting projects during National Tree Week, 29 November to 7 December 2014.

This grant fund is open to all Schools and Community Groups within the United Kingdom, with the condition that children aged sixteen or under with the condition that children aged sixteen or under are involved in the planting or, where the trees are too large to be directly handled by them, related educational activities.

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Grow Wild funding – Create your own Grow Wild Community Site

19 Dec 2013 - 16:05 by michelle.foster

A Grow Wild community site is a place where local people use UK native plants to create a space for everyone to enjoy.

Grow Wild are awarding £500 to £5,000 for each Grow Wild community site.

At the moment, your Grow Wild site might be an unloved, neglected and rundown area that you’d like to reclaim for the local community. You just need to tell Grow Wild how you want to turn it into an inspiring space for everyone.

With the funding, people from all over the UK will create stunning sites that everyone will love and use.

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Sustainable travel grants

15 Nov 2013 - 09:44 by michelle.foster

Travel Choices is offering grants to businesses for schemes which encourage employees to make sustainable travel choices.

Whether you want to build bike storage facilities at your premises so staff can cycle to work, put in an electric vehicle charging point or run an event to promote sustainable travel to staff, you can apply for up to £10,000 to make it happen.

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