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Hate Crime Strategy – Third Party Reporting Centres

26 Jul 2013 - 09:56 by michelle.foster

In January this year, The Manchester Community Safety Partnership launched its new Hate Crime Strategy - Let's End Hate Crime for Manchester.

This strategy sets out a clear vision for tackling hate crime in Manchester against the following five key partnership priorities:
1. Prevent hate crime
2. Increase the reporting of hate crime and hate incidents
3. Take effective action against perpetrators
4. Support victims of hate crime
5. Improve partnership responses

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Framework Agreement for the Provision of Troubled Families Interventions

4 Jul 2013 - 16:57 by Nigel Rose
Manchester City Council (MCC) is very keen for organisations to apply for a new opportunity advertised on The Chest to be part of a preferred providers list for services for Troubled Families. The closing date is 19th July. They are hoping that a large number of organisations, small and large, offering a very wide range of services are successful in meeting the basic quality requirements.
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Home-Start Manchester North - Working with Offenders and their Families pilot

22 May 2013 - 14:52 by michelle.foster

‘Bringing into play an offenders’ family unit and community as a catalyst for reducing the risk of re-offence.’

Using the scheme’s existing delivery model - placing a parent volunteer with the offender and their family to build relationships and facilitate positive whole family and community engagement.

Eligible families:
• a willingness from the whole family to engage with support
• at least 1 child under five years
• an offender due for release from custody OR on low level supervision

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8 things you should know about the Voluntary Sector in Manchester...

17 May 2013 - 14:02 by michelle.foster

1. In 2012/13 there were 3,093 community and voluntary organisations, co-operatives and social enterprises in Manchester

2. In 2012/13 the total income of the sector was £477 million

3. Medium and large organisations receive 95% of the total sector income

4. 1,987 organisations are micro (with an annual income under £10 thousand)

5. There are 94,300 volunteers in the sector

6. Volunteers give 370,000 hours each week

7. The contribution of volunteers in the sector is valued at £332 million each year

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State of the Sector 2013

10 May 2013 - 16:25 by Mike Wild

This morning I was in the happy position of being able to present our new research into the state of the voluntary sector in Manchester. It has been a long-held ambition of mine to be able to show the full extent of the enormous contribution which voluntary organisations, community groups, social enterprises and the community work of faith groups make to the city. 

Launching the Girls in Gangs Website and Teaching Resource for Work with Young People

5 Apr 2013 - 09:08 by michelle.foster

Union Street Media Arts CIC (USMA) have been working with Cedar Mount Academy (CMA) and Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to support pupils to raise awareness about the risks of gang involvement through media, film and performance. This is being done within their school, other schools and youth organisations, around Greater Manchester and beyond. The project was funded by the Home Office to carry out this piece of work under the Communities Against Guns, Gangs and Knives Fund.

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Respectabull - a powerful free workshop for young people

28 Mar 2013 - 13:30 by sarah.gilston

What is the Respactabull Project?
A powerful, free workshop for young people in London, Birmingham and Manchester

Designed to be run as a workshop with groups of young people, the project aims to stimulate debate and discussion around the issues of responsible dog ownership, antisocial behaviour and the law.

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Safer Future Communities survey on Police and Crime Commissioners

6 Mar 2013 - 12:01 by michelle.foster

In November 2011 Clinks conducted a survey of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector about the police reforms, in particular about the introduction of police and crime commissioners. Now that the police and crime commissioners have been elected Clinks would like to find out how you consider your relationship with them and what opportunities you feel might arise from the new commissioning environment.

This survey is intended for people working in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector involved in community safety and criminal justice.

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Does your work help to improve offenders' relationships?

21 Feb 2013 - 14:04 by michelle.foster

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) is developing a new toolkit with National Offender Management Service (NOMS) to measure the outcomes of work to improve offenders' relationships, and is working with Clinks to get your opinions on what this should include. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes, and the deadline for responses is 13 March.

To take part in the survey and give your opinions, visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BDV5H2X  

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Transforming Rehabilitation and Commissioning

15 Feb 2013 - 15:36 by Nigel Rose

Transforming Rehabilitation is a government proposal to contract out and extend probation services starting in 2015. The role of Probation Services will be restricted to high risk offenders. The current proposals, which are being consulted on, are that services will be delivered by a small number of prime contractors (Primes) in 16 areas which are likely to be co-terminous with the Work Programme areas.

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